About Us

Every hero has an origin story. Veruna does too.

For decades a handful of companies have dominated the world of insurance management technology. While these companies have become massive, controlling a sizeable portion of the market, they have also become complacent, losing sight of what once made them innovative. Their technology is dated and a patchwork, built more from ongoing acquisitions than a ground-up approach to meeting agency needs. More importantly, though, they’ve lost touch with what makes their business possible: you.

You have long needed more contemporary solutions to managing and automating your businesses. You have hoped for meaningful change, and so have we. Rather than waiting for change to happen, we’ve decided to take action. Veruna is challenging the status quo and changing everything.

From not-so-humble beginnings.

In 2015, three insurance-based companies came together, each with different expertise and experiences, to change the world for independent insurance agencies:

etfile More than 15 years of experience developing custom software solutions to help insurance agencies attain efficiencies and automation. Most recently, etfile developed a new cloud-based document management system called OfficeScope.

NexGen Consultants 10 years of experience building products on the Salesforce platform specific to insurance carriers (including State Auto Insurance) and agencies to help increase profitably and efficiency.

With the help of these companies, Veruna created an alternative to the archaic agency management systems that hold independents back. We’ve developed a platform with the agent in mind, making it easier to manage your business and to grow it as well. Veruna is the platform focused on moving you forward.

Veruna is making change a reality and improving the world of independent insurance agents.

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