Operational Consulting

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Structuring Agencies to Work, Empowering Agents to Grow

You’re busy running your firm, and it’s difficult to implement meaningful change to break your teams out of “business as usual” when it comes to the day-to-day operation. Challenge accepted. Our consultants work closely with you and your teams, studying your processes and your technologies, then finding ways to fill gaps and identify opportunities for change and improvement. The end result: your agency will work smarter, more efficiently and more productively. Services include:

Workflows and Procedures

The right processes are the backbone of a thriving agency business. Establishing predictable and logical workflows fuels the opportunity to pursue change. At Veruna Consulting, we analyze the how and the why of your transaction processes, and then develop solutions:

  • Customized procedures that are system-specific, created onsite with your staff providing input; or
  • Procedures templates for Commercial Lines and Personal Lines that you can customize yourself.

Reduce stress. Improve morale. Increase profitability. Enhance customer service.

We have a simple but effective system to eliminate backlog — and keep it in check forever. The Veruna team will help you prioritize and organize work based on the nature of the task, not the personality of the producer or the size of the account. As a bonus, E&O exposures are reduced because work is getting processed at a steady rate and in a timely manner.

Coaching and Mentoring

Technology and regulations change so quickly that it’s easy for even the sharpest producer or account manager to get mired in minutiae. Veruna’s one-on-one and group coaching is designed to identify challenge areas and provide necessary corrections that can fine tune or completely overhaul performance, so any employee can become a superstar.

Comprehensive Errors and Omissions Audits

Everyone makes mistakes. In fact, nearly every agency experiences E&O situations and near misses from time to time. To help reduce the risk, we provide basic or comprehensive E&O audits for your agency, regardless of size or level of automation. When problems are found, we won’t simply leave you to figure it out. We’ll propose a practical solution and help you make the necessary changes. Through these solutions, we can help minimize your exposure to E&O losses and negotiate attractive renewal terms and conditions for your agency’s E&O coverage.

Agency Valuations and Succession Plans

A recent study indicates that only 20% of independent agencies have a succession plan. At Veruna, we help you apply the sound business and financial principles that you need to determine the value of your agency.

If you are in acquisition mode, Veruna can develop realistic valuations to help you make the best decision about an investment in another firm.

To find out how we can help create a customized product or service package for your agency drop us a line.