Professional Services Implementation Partners

Sikich Veruna Salesforce Integration and Configurations for Insurance

Sikich LLP is a leading professional services firm specializing in accounting, advisory, technology and managed services. Founded in 1982, Sikich now ranks within the country’s top 30 largest Certified Public Accounting firms and is among the top one percent of all enterprise resource planning solution partners in the world.  Last year, Sikich acquired NexGen Consultants, Inc., founded by two of the co-founders of Veruna, leading Salesforce consultants.  Sikich knows Salesforce, Veruna and accounting - key areas of experise for successful Veruna implementations and custom configurations in Veruna to meet customer business goals and bring to life customer dreams.

HipTen & Veruna Salesforce Insurance Customizations and Configurations

HipTen is a Salesforce implementation partner working exclusively in the insurance industry and understands the challenges faced while focusing on digital transformations. As experts in the complete lifecycle of an insurance engagement, from quote to bind, renewals and certificate generation, HipTen translates a company’s processes into Veruna and Salesforce.

What Our Clients Say...

“The service is amazing. They hold your hand through everything. It might be my favorite thing about Veruna…the way they feel like more of a department within my own company as opposed to an external partner. I get responses within hours from Veruna. And, from the beginning, they made it very clear what they were capable of and what they were not capable of…almost to the point of ‘unselling’ it to me. It was really refreshing.”

-Ashish Vaja, COO of Mayflower Insurance Services