I’d like to thank the Academy…

Ok, not really, but we do have lots of “thanks” to go around. While companies often give credit to the ‘founders’ for their success, the reality is it takes many more than just a handful of people to start a new company. Veruna is no exception to this.

Without the following people and partners our company wouldn’t be in a position to succeed. Thank you to everyone for being a part of our ‘launch team’!


Jai Mistry
Bob Scullin
Frank Sentner
David Boedker
Lea Ann Hawk
Mike Azar
John Barbato
Matt Schuett
Beth Bedisky


Shannon Brown
Debbie Fanning
Stephanie Welik
Pam Krohn
Marlowe Fawcett
Nikki Pike
Cheryl Koch
Debby Hernandez


Mark Koch
Keystone Insurers Group
Eric Mower + Associates
Agency Management Resource Group
Our Alpha & Beta Testers


…and the support of our family and friends during such an exciting and chaotic time.

The adventure begins!