Veruna AMS: FAQs

We’ve helped bring the benefits of Veruna AMS to hundreds of insurance agencies and thousands of industry professionals. In helping so many people achieve a dramatically better approach to agency management, it’s natural for a few questions to come up.

Some of those questions (and their answers) are listed here, and you can download a copy of this information to keep on hand or share with others.

Still have questions after browsing this page? We’d love to get you the answers you need, so please let us know.

Is Veruna right for me? / Who can use Veruna?

  • Veruna is ideal for mid-sized to very large insurance agencies, aggregators, and brokers.
  • Veruna can be especially helpful in certain scenarios or when agencies have particular priorities:
    • Want to grow their business (especially those seeking rapid or substantial growth)
    • Are facing important challenges or opportunities in their markets
    • Want to engage with customers more effectively (especially more sophisticated, tech-savvy, or demanding consumers)
    • Want to increase profitability, boost productivity, or improve other key business success metrics
    • Are dissatisfied with existing agency technology (such as a legacy AMS) due to high prices, limited functionality, and poor user experience

What makes Veruna unique?

Veruna was created by experienced insurance agents and industry experts who wanted a better agency management system. They partnered with highly skilled software developers to create a solution designed specifically for the modern insurance industry. This makes Veruna a great choice for agencies that want a plug-and-play solution with rapid implementation and minimal setup. At the same time, Veruna includes powerful customization capabilities that make it easy for agencies to configure to meet their unique needs and workflows. For any agency hoping to establish or maintain a leadership advantage in the market, Veruna is a perfect fit.

Does Veruna integrate with a rater?

Yes, Veruna integrates with PL Rater.

Does Veruna have accounting capabilities?

Yes, Veruna offers a full GL package tailored to the unique accounting requirements of insurance agencies.

Is Veruna truly web-based / cloud / SaaS?

Yes, Veruna is a 100% web-based software solution. Unlike legacy AMS solutions that claim to be web-based but require software downloads to function, Veruna lives entirely in the cloud and is fully accessible (though secure and encrypted) online.

Does Veruna offer a mobile solution?

Yes, Veruna uses Salesforce’s mobile app. Created by the world’s largest CRM provider, Veruna’s mobile app is second to none in the insurance market.

Does Veruna support multiple lines of business?

Yes, Veruna offers integrated support for Personal Lines, Commercial Lines, Benefits, Workers Comp, downloads and integration with ACORD, and full Certificate distribution.

Can we configure our own workflows?

Yes, it’s easy to create your own workflows, or you can customize the numerous existing workflows that Veruna offers out of the box.

How difficult is it to create reports?

You can create custom reports easily within minutes. Because every field in Veruna is reportable, once you create a report you can add it to a visual dashboard to give you a real-time overview of important agency data at a glance.

Can Veruna integrate with other technology we have today or may want in the future?

Yes, because Veruna is built natively on Salesforce and leverages its open architecture, most modern applications can connect easily using APIs. In addition, the Salesforce AppExchange includes more than 4,000 vetted partners who may be able to support your agency with any unique or complex integration needs.

Does Veruna offer downloads?

Yes, Veruna offers downloads via IVANS, Direct to Carrier, and Team Up.

Does Veruna include ACORD integration?

Yes, Veruna has won multiple awards from ACORD for their seamless two-way integration.

How long does it take to convert to Veruna?

Typically, conversions require 90 days or less. Veruna can convert data from all insurance management systems.