Veruna AMS Integrations - An Open Platform Means Endless Possibilities

Veruna's Partnership with Salesforce Gives More Power to Your Producers

In this age of accelerated sales performance and high customer expectations, working on a system that ensures seamless, hassle-free integration with an open platform to work with vendor-partner technologies is absolutely critical. This is why Veruna partnered with Salesforce to leverage the AppExchange.

The Veruna AMS is a system created by insurance professionals for insurance professionals

Veruna's integration with the Salesforce AppExchange provides our customers with the following benefits:

  • 3,000+ business apps
  • Salesforce logo and appexchange text1,000+ free apps
  • 200+ marketing apps
  • 10+ e-signature apps
  • 10+ integrated VoIP phone apps

Along with accessing the Salesforce AppExchange, Veruna has created custom integrations with insurance-specific systems such as:

  • Ivans logoAcord logoACORD - ACORD Forms Exchange
  • IVANS - Carrier Downloads

What Our Clients Say...

“I wanted our system to be pliable, like Silly Putty, but every system out there is rigid. It was easy for Veruna to look different. Every time we went into a meeting with Veruna, they showed us how customizable it was, plus, it was Salesforce-driven.”

-Mark Hunter, owner of Hunter Insurance Services