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Bickle Delivers Exceptional Service, Stellar Growth with Veruna

Already one of the largest independent agencies in Ohio, Bickle hoped to leverage technology to gain efficiencies, make data-driven business decisions, and support rapid growth both organically and through targeted acquisitions. After initially adopting a traditional insurance AMS from a legacy provider, Bickle quickly ran into severe limitations that conflicted with its business goals.

A trusted partner recommended Veruna, and company leadership liked the idea of gaining the capabilities and versatility of a solution built natively on Salesforce. As hoped, Veruna empowered Bickle both to introduce innovations and make critical business decisions based on robust data.

“We want to be super-efficient,” said Brian Ogle, COO. “Still give the client a rock-star experience, but do it in a way that’s smart.” 

This approach has allowed Bickle to handle nearly 70,000 service encounters across 14,000 accounts over the past two years. At the same time, technology-driven efficiencies are allowing employees to enjoy a better work experience and provide greater value. 

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