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Our goal is to make bringing Veruna to your organization as simple and seamless as possible. Our passion for technology innovation is matched only by our dedication to customer support.

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A Better Implementation Experience

Veruna's technology is fundamentally different (and better) than legacy AMS platforms, and our proven approach to implementation and support is profoundly different (and better) as well. How? Much of the difference boils down to four keys to success:



Weeks, not Years

With a combination of modern, cloud-based technology and proven processes led by experienced experts, implementing Veruna takes a tiny fraction of the time that a legacy AMS would require. For example, we can give you immediate access to a sandbox environment to get hands-on with your new solution (test migration) and ingest all data for your entire business in as little as 72 hours (full migration). We also engage a robust team of diverse specialists to handle many key steps in parallel, rather than in sequence.

The result:

Full implementation in weeks rather than years, so you can focus on growing your business rather than managing migration.

"Other software implementations have been a nightmare, but Veruna was a very simple, very easy transition for us."


Corey Schatz

The Paladin Group
Data Integrity2

Data Integrity

Complete and Secure

Unlike many legacy AMS technologies, with Veruna your data remains 100% yours and lives in your own Salesforce environment. You retain complete control and ownership, and you’ll have the peace of mind that comes with state-of-the-art digital security and end-to-end encryption. Our team will plan and manage migration from your existing data repositories and platforms into Salesforce with full transparency and collaboration at every stage. This includes an initial test migration and post-ingestion confirmation.

The result:

100% successful migration via programmatic data transfer, ensuring seamless continuity for your business.

“I get so many compliments on the system. People that never used the old system, who hated it—they use Veruna on a regular basis.”

LaToya Hargrett
Gehring Group


Thorough and Personalized

The best technology in the world can only deliver optimal impact if people feel confident and comfortable using it. That’s why we devote so much thought and effort to delivering training that is robust, effective, and tailored to your unique needs. In addition to personalized, live training sessions, access to a deep library of on-demand course modules and materials, and business-specific exercises to get hands-on practice using your own data, we’ll work with your team to prepare super users to serve as internal champions and experts.

The result:

A rapid, smooth transition and enthusiastic user adoption, so you can start seeing an impact sooner, throughout your business.



Proven Partnership

While we’re passionate about the power of technology, we care even more about empowering people. Moving to a truly modern, SaaS, comprehensive agency technology solution like Veruna represents a major leap forward compared to dealing with a traditional insurance AMS. Our goal—and our promise—is to help you take this leap, make sure you land comfortably, and equip you to take full advantage of everything Veruna can do. With a proven process and dedicated specialists committed to your success, we will be with you every step of the way—including in years to come as your business thrives and your needs evolve.

The result:

speedy, successful implementation and lasting support from a trusted, responsive partner you can count on.

“They have proven they’re going to be there for us. I cannot say enough about how great those people are.”

Karen Greene

Fisher-Greene Insurance Agency

Process Deep-Dive

Even positive change can be intimidating at times, and making a major leap forward with technology will transform many aspects of your daily business. While this kind of change is vital and positive, it’s important to navigate any transition thoughtfully and with leadership.

That’s why Veruna has a robust team of dedicated specialists ready to partner with you before, during, and after your implementation. We’ve spent years perfecting a proven process to help make your experience as smooth and seamless as possible, and we’ll guide and accompany you at every stage.

Veruna Implementation graphic3


Implementation Process Model

Veruna Activities:

  • Discuss and document client solution requirements
  • Develop migration and implementation plan
  • Assess relevant technical requirements and infrastructure

Client Activities: 

  • Collaborate with Veruna to complete commercial agreements
  • Identify key team members to be involved in supporting implementation

Key Deliverables

  • Solution documentation
  • Implementation and migration plan

Veruna Activities:

  • Create Veruna client environment(s)
  • Provide access credentials for Veruna U knowledge base
  • Obtain and prepare initial client test data 
  • Conduct data migration test using initial dataset

Client Activities:

  • Provide initial dataset for migration testing
  • Confirm access to Veruna U knowledge base
  • Confirm access to Veruna client environment(s)
  • Collaborate on data review and cleansing

Key Deliverables:

  • Veruna client environment(s) created
  • Test data prepared and ingested
  • Sandbox created

Veruna Activities:

  • Provide client training (on-demand or live virtual sessions)
  • Obtain and prepare full, final client dataset(s) for migration
  • Manage data migration process
  • Validate configuration of client environment(s)

Client Activities:

  • Actively participate in training and hands-on practice sessions
  • Provide full, final dataset(s) for migration
  • Ensure key team members are prepared for migration and support


Key Deliverables:

  • Training sessions and documentation
  • Production data prepared and ingested

Veruna Activities:

  • Post-“go live” follow-up session(s)
  • Address and resolve any open issues
  • Monitor initial implementation and user adoption
  • Support transition to Veruna Client Support team

Client Activities:

  • Encourage and ensure user adoption
  • Actively participate in post-“go live” follow-up session(s)
  • Collaborate to address and resolve any open issues

Key Deliverables:

  • Meeting / documentation to support transition to Client Support team


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