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Reduce Servicing Costs by 50% with Veruna

Embedded AMS-CRM-in-one means delighting your insureds and significantly lowering operating expenses

Are you curious how you can reduce servicing time and effort so your team can spend more time delighting customers and selling more insurance? 

Learn how Bickle Insurance optimized Veruna+Salesforce to automate routine servicing activities while at the same time getting real-time, actionable insights on agent and customer behavior.  With these capabilities and knowledge Bickle was able to automate where appropriate, stop doing activities that detracted from their mission, and start doing more to serve their customers better.

"We're able to verify our gut feelings in a lot better way through understanding the clients, their transactions, the volume of business at different times. That would allow us to make more confident business decisions so that we have the ability to customize our workflows in a rapid pace to to keep up with how we are changing as a business for the needs of our clients."

- Brian Ogle, Bickle Insurance Services

Hear how Brian Ogle of Bickle Insurance leveraged Veruna+Salesforce to serve customers better and cut servicing costs by 50%


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