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Save time and grow your business with detailed carrier downloads directly into Salesforce 

Carrier downloads are vital for independent insurance agencies, but they can be time-consuming and cumbersome when using a legacy AMS. Veruna makes carrier downloads so seamless and intuitive that they can actually improve your business results.

With Veruna, you can easily receive carrier downloads from providers such as Ivans, Progressive, Erie, and Team-Up, as well as ingesting data from carriers who don’t use traditional uploads and downloads. You also get detailed data such as carrier remarks, and Veruna processes and presents additional AL3 file information that isn’t normally ingested by legacy systems.

To learn more about carrier downloads with Veruna and Salesforce—and how they can help give you a competitive advantage and grow your business—check out this brief video overview. 

See an overview of Carrier Downloads with Veruna + Salesforce.



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