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Fisher-Greene Drives Growth,
Deepens Customer Relationships with Veruna

Two family-owned, community-focused, Keystone Group agencies merged in 2012, joining forces to support growth and success in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Following the merger, maintaining a limited, legacy AMS for each location created ongoing challenges.

When co-owner Karen Greene saw a Veruna presentation at a Keystone Group event, she was immediately excited. 

“It just looked user-friendly,” she said, “seeing the difference in screens and hearing what the capabilities would be—and I loved the fact that Veruna is built on Salesforce.”

After acquiring an additional agency, Greene knew the time had come to implement Veruna across all of the company's locations. Having a unified system has helped drive efficiency, deepen customer relationships, and enable additional growth—including expansion to a fourth location.

“We can all see each other,” Greene said. “We’re doing everything on the same page. I can see what the book of business is for each producer, for the agency.” 

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