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Players Health Streamlines Payments,
Realizes 50% Time Savings

Tyrre Burks, CEO, wanted the flexibility to be able to choose the partners that best met the needs of Players Health as well as have these solutions easily integrate into existing workflows for the least amount of disruption.

“It’s important to us to have the choice to decide who we work with and have these partners integrate smoothly with one another to create a tech stack that best meets the needs of our business,” said Burks. 

Veruna’s open platform allowed for Players Health to work with Ascend to integrate directly into their core system. With this integration, the team was able to automatically generate invoicing and financing links within their dashboard. Ascend updated the payment status whenever policies were purchased, allowing for an accurate and up to date state of all their policies. 

Is your agency management system equipped to streamline payment processes, enhance financial efficiency, and provide real-time insights for better decision-making?

If not, you should look into Veruna today!

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