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The Gehring Group Gets Business Insights,
Gains a Partner for Growth with Veruna

With a highly consultative approach to benefits and risk management for public entities, The Gehring Group embraces innovation, driven by a guiding principle of “Think big. Think forward.” 

Technology has long played a key role in enabling the company's success, which made the limitations of its legacy AMS—including siloed systems and limited data and reporting—a serious problem.

“It is very frustrating when you don’t have the information you need at your fingertips,” said Kate Grangard, Managing Director-National Public Entities Practice. “It is difficult to manage your business that way. You can’t measure what you can’t see.”

After partnering with Veruna, she said, getting real-time access to reliable data companywide has been a game-changer.

“It’s helping us grow," she said. "You need a really solid database... to be able to look at the market, and get a very quick, bird’s-eye view into how other clients are performing.”

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